Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Lululemon on The Marilyn Denis Show

by Cristina

This post is probably exclusively for Canadians. I used to be a big fan of Cityline when Marilyn Denis was on and when she left the show I stopped watching. Sorry Tracy! I’m so happy to see her back on TV with her very own show called The Marilyn Denis Show. Today she had Toska Reno a fitness model, columnist and author as a guest and she was wearing head to toe Lululemon.  She was wearing the Run Dash Pullover in Persimmon, Cool Racerback in Snorkel Blue and a 3rd layer underneath that may have been a Flow Y in Very Violet and run crops that I can’t quite recognize.

And then I went to Toska’s Website to check it out and find a link for her name and low and behold her site is a lululemon smorgasbord. Toska, you are a Lululemon fan just like us, do you read this blog? 

Anyways peoples, if your looking for some good Lululemon action shots you should poke around her website. Lots of great pictures of the clothes we love, and while where there we can be inspired to work out like Toska. 

Run Sun blocker Pullover Savage Green

Run Inspire Pullover Teal Zeal

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