Well I must admit I’m getting antsy about upload tomorrow. I’ve been stocking my store for the Run Swiftly Tech LS  in Black and they haven’t received it yet so I really want to see it uploaded tomorrow. Because I neeeeeeed it and waaaaaaaaant it. Also, my store hasn’t received the newest In Stride Jacket in Light Grey Pique/White that I want to try on. In most pictures the White Zipper and Logo has bothered me slightly but in the one below I think the jacket looks quite cute so I feel I need to try it on before hastily writing it off. I’ve heard a rumour of a Manifesto Purple Crush/Coal No Limit Tank and a stripey Aruba Cabin LS so I wonder if these may be surprise uploads tomorrow. Occasionally lulu uploads items that nobody has seen in stores yet and I think we’re about due for one of these types of magical uploads.

I really want something in Aruba, specifically a tank and hopefully a Heathered Aruba. I passed on the Aruba No Limit Tank and I realize a lot of you think I should reconsider and try it on with Wunder Unders. But I just didn’t love it/need it enough right now to spend $70 on something I would use only for running in, despite the infectious No Limit hysteria at the moment. I decided that I would rather replace my I Just Wanna Run Tank in the summer. Who knows, I may have a change of heart later on. For now I think the type of tank I would like in Aruba/Heathered Aruba would be either the Modern Racer Tank, Gathered Racerback Tank in Organic Cotton or a Circle Mesh Cool Racerback. Something no fuss and layerable either for sweaty endeavors or non. I know there is a Heathered Aruba Scuba out there at some strategic partners and that may be my one Aruba item but I think I want something more Spring/Summer in that color. My sister is going to Fiji this month and I’m trying to convince her of her need to buy the No Limit Tank Aruba. Wouldn’t she be crazy not to get it for her trip? She reads this blog while at work so feel free to post comments to her about how she neeeeeeds this tank. I enable because it makes me feel better šŸ™‚

What are you guys planning on buying tomorrow?

RUN: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeves RUN: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeves Alternate View

Run Swiftly Tech LS Black

In Stride Jacket Light Grey Pique/White

Have we seen this color (Snorkel Blue/Grey Contrast) in the Run Swiftly Tech SS already? It looks new to me. ** yes it’s been in the Saskatoon photo album for a few weeks now. 

RUN: Swiftly TechRUN: Swiftly TechAlternate View


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