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A Year In Review Series – Day 6 : Prints and Patterns 2010

by Cristina

In light of my most recent purchase, the Candlelight Tank in Waterwall Print (In Love!) and my Lulu diet which consists of only buying items that have a great print (ok, we’ll see how that goes) I thought I’d dedicate todays Year in Review post to this years prints.

The prints and patterns this year started off a bit boring with stripes in many, many, many forms. Static Wave Stripe, Microstripe, Wee Stripe, Space Dye, 1/16 Silver Stripe, Poncho Stripe, Sailor Stripe and I’m sure I’m missing some. I did like a few of the stripes and in general I like stripes but I don’t need more then one or two items in a stripe. We also had a bit of overkill of Static. Static versions of Alarm, Lolo, Oasis, Senorita Pink, Plum, Black, Coal, Very Violet, Power Purple, Wish, Persimmon…so many, too many. Sadly we didn’t even get to see a Solid Plum Cool Racerback. I liked the Statics at one point but then got very tired of them and I passed up on the Dash LS because all of the colors I liked came in Statics.

The real excitement for me came with Multi State of Mind Print which at first I thought, OMG who would wear paint splatter. Turns out I would. I love it. I love it layered with Wish Blue, Very Violet and Black and Greys. Such an edgy print. And then came Black Roses Print. The Black Roses print seems to have a few variations, one that actually looks like little roses scattered about (my favourite) and the other version is more of a kaleidoscope/tie dye version of the same print which has more repetitive logos. This is another print that has me excited. It’s a young edgy spin on a pattern that is very traditional. A rose floral print is something my grandmother would wear (pre black mourning period) but the Black Roses print is dark, gothic and edgy. And lastly, Waterwall print. It’s gorgeous! I think it’s a tamer way of doing a Multi State of Mind Print. It has all of the rainbow paint splatter but within a damask print. I’m dying to see this print in other tops such as a Cool Racerback or maybe blown up and on a Live Simply Tee. I really hope Lululemon decides to make more prints like the Black Roses, Waterwall and Multi State of Mind Print.

My honourable mention goes to the Plum Shale Stripe Hustle Jacket. I covet that jacket. I hope one of you decides to break up with yours when I decide I want to buy one.

What was your top favourite print this year? And of all time?

Prints and Patterns

Prints and Patterns by lulumum 

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