Thursday, July 18, 2024

Store Trip ~ Candlelight Tank Waterwall Print, Ruffle Cool Racerback and More

by Cristina

I ended up running out to the mall today to do some Christmas shopping and stopped in at Lululemon to see what was in. I was so happy to find the Candlelight Waterwall Print Tank finally. There were two in my size and the print was pretty similar on both and that made it a really hard decision so In the end I went with one that had a bit more fuchsia to the print as I thought it looked more ‘rainbowish’ instead of having predominately blues and greens. This is such a gorgeous tank, super soft and you can pull the neckline up a bit higher in the front and lower in the back for bit more coverage.

**Things I spotted: Cool Racerback Tank in Heathered Black Micro Stripe just like the Heathered Power Purple Micro Stripe one we saw a last week. Both are super soft and feel like running luon. No polyester in those. Sailor Stripe/Black Microstripe Scoop Neck Tank, Coal and Black Waterwall Print Candlelight Tank, Black Relaxed Fit Pants with Vertical Sailor Stripe Print at the Waist. Define Jacket in Black Sailor Stripe. and a gorgeous Power Purple Hustle Jacket. I still like the Plum Shale best of all.

This is the Special Edition Ruffle Cool Racerback that I posted about yesterday. I’m very disappointed in this one. The ruffles on the back as you can see in the picture are mesh, and the edges are raw unfinished and not cut very well. I would think they could use a laser cut at least to get a crisp strait edge and somehow finish it off a bit nicer. I think in the end having the ruffles mesh allows the tank to remain relatively cool and light weight but the mesh just doesn’t drape well and it has a tendency to crease. This was a fail in my opinion.

Detail shot of the ruffle.

I caught a glimpse of this on my way out of the mall about an hour after I left the Lululemon. I guess they were still putting inventory out. This is a gorgeous Power Purple Hustle Jacket. I also saw a Power Purple Yogi Dance Jacket.

Push Ur Limits Tank Black with Black Microstripe

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