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A Year In Review Series – Day 4 : Outerwear 2010

by Cristina

Last year I was really disappointed that I didn’t get to buy the tweed bomber jacket because I was pretty pregnant at the time and had no idea what size I would need for this winter so I reluctantly passed on it and regretted it. Early on this fall I decided that I would jump when I saw a jacket that I loved. I got the Audrey Jacket on the first day it was released and have loved it dearly and used it, even on the coldest day we had (so far) back in November. I had kept the tags on it for such a long time even though it sold out in stores the week it was released because I needed to be 100% sure I loved it more then the bomber jacket in case it came up on ebay or the exchange.  The more I’ve used it now the more I love it. Lululemon really makes great trench weight jackets that look so great with luon pants or dressed up with jeans so I’m really glad I splurged on this jacket. It may not have been a versatile jacket for the weather in most places but for Vancouver weather it’s really quite perfect as it can go from fall to winter to spring.

I’ve also seen a lot of girls around town wearing the Community Jacket in Coal and it’s looked cute every time I’ve seen it, I sort of regret not getting the Coal one on markdown at the Factory Outlet when I came across it. The other jacket I’ve loved this year was the Plum Shale Hustle Jacket (and the other colors as well). I thought it was such a pretty design, had great reflectivity and an awesome fit. Sadly, although the Run: Inspire Jacket was quite lovely as well it had an unfortunate tightness in the arms, chest and shoulders which made it a pass for a lot of people despite loving the design. The Inspire Jacket ended up going as low as $69 on markdown in some places in the US and I almost almost got one but decided to pass on it since I use my Running Room Jacket with gigantic reflective strips on it. It’s a very utilitarian looking jacket but my husband got it for me on my birthday and so I’m attached to it despite it’s un-Luluness.

Lululemon Outerwear 2010

Lululemon Outerwear 2010 by lulumum 

Did you buy a Lululemon Jacket this year? Which one did you get and are you happy that you splurged on it? 

Pinnacle JacketAudrey JacketPeace of Mind JacketPeace of Mind VestDog Whisperer JacketCommunity JacketSwell JacketEveryday Yoga Jacket,Run: Track N’ Field JacketRun: Inspire JacketHustle Jacket

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