Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Waterwall Print Wunder Unders Organic

by Cristina

It’s so funny that I had the Waterwall print on my mind today (posted earlier today) and low and behold an Australian Product alert comes in with a Waterwall print. These Wunder Under Crops Organic are quite fun but I really want this print (HVR MUWW) in a tank like the Cool Raceback Tank, Modern Racerback Tank or the Candlelight Tank.

I’m super excited about seeing this print finally and I suspect we will see it on tomorrows upload or maybe next week. My reasoning is that we’re all consumed now with Christmas shopping so the product release this week has been pretty small compared to the weeks before. Most of us probably wont be ordering anything tomorrow unless it’s something that is really special, so Lulu probably pulled this one back during the original product alert emails (after seeing how popular the multi state of mind print was) and decided to release it during an expected slow period. This is all just a hunch but I have been told by an educator that sometimes products they expect to be released on a certain date can get pulled back on very short notice.

Wunder Under Crop *Organic* Wunder Under Crop *Organic* Alternate View

And last week I gave you this sneak peek (here) of the Dip Dye Modern Racer Tank photographed by a reader but here it is on a product alert.

Modern Racer Tank Modern Racer Tank Alternate View

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