Saturday, June 15, 2024

Upload Thursday Eve

by Cristina

We’ll the only thing I’m hoping for tomorrows upload is a glimpse of the new Black Sailor Stripe Stride, Sailor Stripe Power Y and Relaxed Fit Pants in Sailor Stripe that have been spotted in various showrooms and I wrote about that over here. There is also a Black Sailor Stripe Live Simply Tee and a White Sailor Stripe Live Simply Tee coming.  None of the local stores have gotten these items yet so I don’t think we’ll see them tomorrow but it may be a ‘surprise items’ kind of upload tomorrow. I really love the print so even though I don’t plan on getting these items I’m really curios to see them.

I think what will tempt me tomorrow is if I see a new fabulous print. Prints always feel special and one of a kind so I feel the need to not miss out on them when they do show up. The Multi State of Mind print was a pretty gorgeous surprise print that I’m glad I jumped on. If I see this rainbow Waterwall Print Candlelight Tank tomorrow I’ll jump on that for sure. This tank appeared in many product notifications (one locally) but has not actually been spotted in person yet. I’m bored with the colors out now and what I need instead of a new color is variety in the form of a great print. My closet is now stocked with the run gear I need and casual wear to boot so I need to modify my collecting to only prints.

What are you planning on getting tomorrow?

Candlelight Tank

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