by Cristina

Special Edition Sparkle Scuba Spotted

December 13, 2010

Lately some of the new hot ticket items have been making there way into random show rooms first, ahead of mainstream stores. locally, Hari Om Yoga in Langley BC has gotten the Run Dash Pullover and several other highly anticipated items a few days before lower mainland stores. The speculation on facebook about this Scuba hoodie listed here on ebay is that it must have come first from a show room location as the GEC is not showing this in the inventory checks which run 24 hours behind stores. Have you seen this in your local stores this weekend?

My first impression of this hoodie is that I must have it. It’s a gorgeous shade of pale blue and it looks like the sparkle is pretty subtle and I’ve been really eyeing up scubas lately waiting for the perfect one.  I really need to see this one in person though since I thought I was in love with the Casis Sparkle Cuddle Up Jacket when I first saw it in pictures and then I tried it on and realized it did not suit me at all.

There is also a rumour of Sailor Stripe items in a US Showroom and in particular a Sailor Stripe Stride II Jacket. I know there is both a white sailor stripe and a black sailor stripe so I’m curious which version the Stride will come in. I think I may want a Black Sailor Stripe Cool Racerback Tank. Also, there is supposed to be a Manifesto Print Cuddle Up Jacket coming but I’m not sure what Manifesto Print it is. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not a big manifesto print fan.

**Updated Details: Spotted at local Hari Om Studio, there is a Black Sailor Stripe Stride ($118/Non Brushed) and a Relaxed Fit Pants with Black Sailor Stripe Waist and a black lulu logo (I love that!). This local show room also had the Sparkle Scubas in which may mean that Metrotown has them tomorrow as well.

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