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A Year In Review Series – Day 1: Tanks of 2010

by Cristina

For my very first ever ‘Year in Review Post’ I decided to do a series of 12 days of Christmas reviews outlining different categories of lululemon items. Todays post features the tanks that came out this year. My personal favourites are the Candlelight Tank for Casual Wear or Yoga, The Yogi Dance Tank and for versatility the Cool Racerback which came out in several forms this year – Static, Special Editions of Circle Mesh, Ruffled, Mesh Back and contrasted with mesh trim. You really can’t have too many of the Cool Racerback Tanks, there so great for working out in and as a layering piece.  Which tanks were your favourites this year?

Tanks of 2010

Tanks of 2010 by lulumum 

Row 1 These are the flowey and feminine tanks. I think the winner in this category is the Flow and Go Tank as that one virtually disappeared within the hour of being uploaded to the website and the GEC was constantly hounded on the facebook wall  for people in search of the elusive Flow and Go Tank although it has made many appearances on ebay at highly inflated prices. I would call the biggest flop out of this group the Awareness Tank, although there are a few of you out there that have loved it for it’s excellent tummy coverage, I think overall it did not appeal to the masses.
Power Dance TankYogi Dance Tank, Bliss TankFouette Tank, No Limit TankFlow and Go Tank, Awareness Tank, Dash Tank and Hustle Tank.

Row 2 is what I call the lingerie inspired tanks with sweetheart necklines, faux boning details, and corsette detailing along the bust. I’m not sure these tanks were particularily popular but I really liked the Commit Tank as it had great support, modest coverage without looking matronly and had a looser in the midsection fit which a lot of us like. I liked all of these tanks from afar but the only one that really suited me was the Commit Tank, the others felt a bit too flashy around the bust area for my modesty.
Happy Heat Tank, Commit Tank, Alignment Tank, Challenge TankCentred Pose Tank, Tadasana Tank.

Row 3 These are the more athletically styed tanks with simpler designs, contrast colors and thicker straps with not a lot of design features. The Cool Racerback made many appearances this year as I mentioned above with several Special Editions. The Wish Blue Circle Mesh Cool Racerback Tank made it into my collection along with a Static Very Violet Cool Racerback. The Mindful Tank made an appearance online but I never did get a chance to see it in stores. I liked the pleated detail across the chest which we saw in a few other items such as the Fouette Tank (first row) and the Cobra Crops but I didn’t care for the back of the tank.
Stand Strong Tank, Inner Strength Tank, SE Cool Racerback Tank, Mindful Tank 

Row 4 are the organic cotton tanks. This one is an almost tie for me. The Heart Tank came in two versions, luon light and organic cotton. I much preferred the organic cotton version as it was slightly looser in the midsection. Ultimately for a sweaty work out I would never ever use cotton so I passed on it but am considering it for a future purchase for casual wear if it comes in more patterns. The Candlelight Tank in Multi State of Mind Print was my favourite because the fit is very comfortable and the cotton very, very soft. I love the print most of all on this tank.
Heart Tank, Candlelight TankPower Dance Tank

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