Monday, July 15, 2024

The Perils of Airbrushing and Why Lululemon, Blemishes and All Is Refreshing to Me.

by Cristina

Here is a comparison of an airbrushed picture from Nike on the left and a non airbrushed picture from Lululemon on the Right. I don’t know about you but I hate pictures like the one on the left. It makes me feel bad about myself and like I’m already a lost cause.  The Lululemon picture on the right reminds me that the main goal of an active lifestyle is for health and to feel good about myself.

I get real angry and annoyed when there is a call to airbrush when a blemish is found on the Lululemon models on the website. I feel much more offended by the hyper airbrushed picture that all other athletic brands use then the small blemish that you need to zoom in about 4 times to see on the Lululemon model. The other brands distract us from the actual product they’re selling with an idea of perfection using studio lights, airbrushing and aggressive attitudes that tell me I need to be an aggressive athlete. Lululemon pictures remind me to breath deeply and appreciate the moment. You are where you are at this moment in time and it’s never too late you’re never too old  and you’re never too sick to start from scratch, so lets buy a sports bra and get running.

So please, Lululemon please stick to these types of images that make me love you so. If there is a blemish, just put a bandaid over it but don’t start airbrushing like the other guys. I’m here to buy a sports bra, not perfection.

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