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Upload Thursday Eve Musings

November 3, 2010

Well, I’m not hoping for much on tomorrows upload from what I’ve already seen in stores except I’ll probably get the Very Violet Cool Racerback and possibly the black Brimmed Beanie. I’m hoping to see an Inspire Pullover soon in Heathered Wish Blue (or Heathered Haze even) and I’m hoping it’s just as lovely and soft and subtle like the Lilac Inspire Pullover and the Teal Zeal Inspire. I’d also be happy to see another running luon LS in Heathered Wish or Very Violet. And Fleece is always a hope. 

I’ve decided to also add a weekly wish list for ebay and the exchange on Thursdays Upload Eve. As posted about below this is my current obsession that I must find. And the Heathered Fox or Mudd Gratitude Wrap of course. So what my dear readers are you hoping for upload tomorrow or on ebay/the exchange?

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