Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Run: Alpine Pullover Pics

by Cristina

Ok, quick pictures. Please forgive the not such great shots, I had to seas the opportunity when my kids were peaceful. This is the Haze Alpine Pullover in a size 8 and my first impression is that I like it a lot…but not as much as last years Spirit Pullover. It’s made of the exact same tech fleece which feels kind of like a very short piled fleece but I don’t know technically what the difference is with Tech Fleece and Fuzzy Fleece.

Hustle Pants

You may not love the idea of the Kangaroo pouch and what it does to mummy tummy but what I like about it is that the ipod pocket is inside there which makes for easy ipod access and less chance of it falling out and onto the ground. For me this pocket will be used for my stop watch which currently gets tucked into my bra.

Disappointed that there is not more reflectivity on this. Basically it’s just the strip on the back pocket and on the front diagonal zipper.

Love the neck, love the ruched (running luon?) in heathered haze

Would have liked to try on the size 10 but it was already sold in both colors. Poo!

Same style of scuba hood as the Spirit Pullover except the neck comes up higher.

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