Thursday, April 25, 2024

New Store Pictures -Tons Of Stuff Coming This Week!

by Cristina

Alpine Pullover. I think if you missed out on the Spirit Pullover last year you will be pretty happy with this one. The back pocket is sewn in beautifully all the way around in case you were wondering. Here is my Fit Review from earlier today, I bought the size 8 Haze.
The neck goes up quite a bit higher then my Spirit Pullover which has more of a diagonal zipper.

Love the print on this. Very cute in smaller doses. But…as I look at it more and more I think I would die for a Cool Racerback in this print.

I’m crazy about this. It looks so cool and edgy. I hope new tanks come out in this.

Run: Base Layer Top (Merino Wool). I think this is as fine knit and soft as they come. I’m quite sensitive to wool so I tried it on and sadly it’s too itchy for me. But I think 99.9% of people will find this quite soft. I also noticed this was a very delicate top (snag city if your not careful). $108.

Run Alpine Tight. I so badly wanted to try this on and considered brining it home for a try on but my toddler was just not permitting much browsing today. I was happy I got to leave with the Alpine pullover at all. These are quite nice and soft on the inside but I ran last night with my compression socks under my Inspire Crops and I’m almost certain that that will be warm enough for me for the winter here. Plus, I have a treadmill for the cold, cold days. I like the simple design of these, the zip pocket and the reflective detailing at the bottom.

Tech Fleece with a wicking outer layer

The Post Run Pant…Soft Fleece pants. I wonder if there will be a Post Run Fleece Top???

Live Simply Tees. The Heathered ones get quite fuzzy with a few wears.

Live Simply Jacket. You can’t really see the seam details on this but it’s quite nice. It’s like the seam detailing on the Cuddle up but all one color. The length is very similar to the Wear With All. At first glance I thought this was the WWA except that it was less form fitting.

Super Cute.

Yogi Dance Tank. Lots of color options. Solid Very Violet and Solid Persimmon were both nice.

Adorable for a maternity top (and non maternity too!)

Cuddle Ups.

Awareness Wrap Colors.

Hot Yoga Bag. Soo cute, I was dying to check them out but I wasn’t able to. Perhaps tomorrow.

Gym Essential Kit.

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