Saturday, July 20, 2024

Home for a Visit – Chai Time Pullover

by Cristina

Despite my best efforts I brought home the Chai Time Pullover for an extended visit. Wish is my favourite color, particularly in knits…would you believe I only have one Wish Item and it’s a Cool Racerback.  So you see why I just had to bring this one home. I’m warming to the price of $88 for it. But for that price it better be durable. I think I’m in the minority in that I love the Kangaroo pocket. If you hate them, this pocket is pretty low profile and doesn’t bag out.  I got the Chai Time Pullover in a size 8 and it’s fits pretty much the same as in the picture below. It’s a shorter length top so if you like it longer you can go up a size. These raglan style long sleeve tops look pretty when there a bit baggy and off the shoulder so it wont look bad if you go up a size.

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