Saturday, July 20, 2024

Black Roses Print Relaxed Fit Pants

by Cristina

I saw these Relaxed Fit Pants today in this Black Roses Print along with a few other items (Gym Essentials Bag, Everywear Bag) and I love it up close. It looks very different from fabric to fabric but in these Relaxed Fit Pants you can actually see roses in the print. I think that the print looks much nicer on luon and luxtreme then it does in cotton. I would love a Cool Racerback in this print.

It was so funny, my friend (recently converted Lulu lover thanks to me) insisted we go in (twist my rubber arm) to buy herself some Oprah Pants today. There were several mid to late 50 yr old ladies standing around the pants wall asking questions about The Oprah Pants. I asked the Educator at the till about inventory and she said they knew about the show about a week prior so they have upped the production of the pants and although they are flying off the shelves the are replenishing stock.

The waist can be folded over and the ties at the front can be threaded thru on the reverse side if you prefer a lower waist.

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