Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Thanksgiving 10/10/10

by Cristina

Well we had a very packed Thanksgiving yesterday with  The Wiggles Show in the afternoon (for the kids) and turkey dinner with the grandparents later on. A few things I noticed at the concert where that Jeff (far left) wears Vibram barefoot running shoes to perform in and Anthony (far right) is not bad looking.  Also I noticed that anywhere that large crowds of young parents congregate there is a plethora of status strollers and luon pants -I wore my new brushed luon Relaxed Fit Pants and Tooty Fruity Gratitude Wrap in case you were wondering. The show was 90 minutes long and no intermission so we were literally struggling with taming the kids the entire time. The toddler kept moving around like she had ants in her pants and the baby was not very happy at the noise level and was trying desperately to fall asleep and quite cranky about it. Overall though the show was quite entertaining and a fun thing to do with the kids on a Sunday afternoon.  Later on at Turkey dinner I had quite a lot of my favourite new wine (Gazela Rose) to recover a bit from the early chaos. Sorry, not a high brow wine but a very slutty and delicious wine. I scarfed down my turkey dinner while shoveling pureed food into baby’s mouth and pleading with toddler to not just eat bread and one kernel of corn (with the help of my husband of course). She did end up eating pumpkin pie which I consider to be more of a ‘vegetable pie’ so I think we won that battle in the end.

I am thankful for my kids and family, family gatherings and fun family outings, good wine, luon pants and gratitude wraps (;p), vegetable pie, and the physical energy, health and strength we both have to parent our kids. What did you do yesterday (or today) for Thanksgiving?

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