Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Thursdays Upload Wishes and Predictions + And That Inspire Crop Fit Review I Promised

by Cristina

So I did my 8km run today at the dumbest time possible (3pm in a school zone). Otherwise a great run as I had hydrated all day and my kids have been driving me especially bananas  and I was anxious to get away for a bit and burn off some steam. Up all night with the little one who has also decided to have 8 poops today (so far!) so I thought it would be a crap run but, no, I was pretty spectacularly fast with my short little legs.

I wore my Lolo Swiftly along with my new Inspire Crops in a size 8. There was slight slippage for the first few minutes but much, much less than I ever got with my Run: With it’s. I think slippage is just a fact of life for me and due to my higher rise, I get that with all running pants of all brands (I do occasionally cheat on Lululemon ;p) I love the rise on these pants and didn’t need to tie the elastic to keep them up like I’d been doing with my other crops. The length was perfect for a colder day but today was actually warmer than it has been so I felt pretty warm in these but I’ll be glad to have the length in a few weeks or even days. Compression on the lower legs was pretty nice and so was the reduced bum bounce. When these pants first came out I wasn’t crazy about the back seam details, especially in the coal version, but I’ve decided I don’t mind that very much in the black. I love the color combination with the static waist and lolo details and I also love the back zip pocket. I think the only thing that would make these an A+ would be a reflective zipper or detail somewhere.

Note on the Personal Best skirt. I’ve been told by a reader that she purchased one today and the tag had a “resticker” price tag on it. Original price on this was $68 and then they decided to release it at $54 which is a good thing. She mentioned that the length is on the more modest side and she stayed TTS which was the same length as the next size up. The color code is OOMP/LOLP (Oasis Omber Plaid & Lolo Purple) and it looked super cute on. I really love the little curved flower petal shaped detailing at the waist.

A couple of different Canadian readers mentioned markdowns of Fall items that have recently been released such as the Track and Field Jacket ($99) Fireside Pants, Polocross Pants and Community Pants. I may pick up the Fireside pants when I see them as I was planning on doing anyways.

Here is a picture of the SE Mesh Cool Racerback in Black. I’m not decided on it yet. If I had a really great back tattoo like Oli at the lab does than I would be all over this tank.

**Hmmm, this may not be the CRB…has anyone seen the back of it and can confirm this?

Ok, down to this Thursday Upload business. I think we can all pretty much assume that we’ll see the Inspire Pullovers tomorrow. If not than something must be delayed with Lululemons Canada shipment because I don’t think this is good strategy to be pissing everyone off.  I think we’ll see the Swell Jacket, Personal Best Items, Cross Train Crops, Modern V Neck Long Sleeves. We Canadians have seen a lot of new items in online albums but not in stores so I’m thinking this will be another website first release just like we saw with the Fireside Items when they first came out. I’m getting 1 Inspire Pullover (i’ve waited too long and now the passion has fizzled and I’m making myself chose just one color), Brisk Ear Warmers in Senorita Pink and I think that’s all. I may be tempted buy a swiftly long sleeve as I do love those but I don’t need multiple colors of items I already have as I wash my run gear the second I get home before I even shower, lest the dreaded stink set in. Anyways, I have a long sleeve in Lagoon in size 12 which is pretty big on me so if someone wants to buy it let me know, I’ll gladly replace it with a new color and size ;p. I have a feeling we may also see new surprise items, like maybe a new run tank. I need to stay focused on my purchases tomorrow because I’m saving up for my Anthropologie Boots. What are you guys hoping to see and planning on getting?

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