Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Some New Items

by Cristina

SE Cool Racerback with Mesh back. It’s hard to tell with this picture because Senorita Pink seems to look fluorescent at times but the entire back is mesh. I don’t think I like this in a CRB mostly because I wouldn’t wear this out for a run in the Fall (Bikrams, Yes) and I’m not sure I would like the look of a Flow Y under it. It would also depend on the amount of stretch the mesh has but if it’s like the mesh in the Flow Y’s I’m not sure it would be that comfortable. As always though, I’m willing to give it a try in the store.

Effortless Pants. These are ok enough but I’m in the market for a pair of cottony sweatpants to replace my Lulu Pants and I prefer the look of the Dance Sweat Pants (amazon) and The Fireside Pants. I’ll probably go with the Fireside pants because i’ve heard today that there starting to hit markdown and I tried them on the other day and quite liked the look of them with the skinny legs that can get tucked into winter boots.

Brisk Ear Warmers. CUTE! I love my Ear Warmers that I got last week and actually have been using it as a thicker headband worn past my ears on those cold rainy days we’ve had. I think I may pick this up in Senorita Pink and maybe another color as well as it’s proven to be quite useful.

Is the pink too “barbie dollish”? I’m now second guessing this color for me. Sheesh, why is it so hard. Although for visibility it’s great.

Run Cross Train Pants. Cute, love the length, love the contrasting static but the mesh doesn’t work for me.

Heathered Black Run: Inspire Pullover. I’ve only seen a few pictures of this on so happy to get a few more up.

And a lovely lady on facebook posted a great picture of the same Inspire Pullover. I’m having a pretty tough time deciding what I’m going to do if it shows up online tomorrow.
Senorita Swiftly Tee

Run: Personal Best Singlet. I love a lot of things about this top and would like to see this design rejigged a bit. Love the front seam details bellow the bust, the contrast luxtreme details, the cinchable drawcord, and the color but I dislike the twisted back and I don’t love the silverescent circle mesh knit.
RUN: Personal Best SingletRUN: Personal Best SingletAlternate View

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