by Cristina

This Weeks Running

September 24, 2010

This week, as I mentioned here has been a total nightmare and I’ve had the worst time getting out for a run. Mostly because I’ve been paranoid about feeling this cold coming on (still hasn’t come on) and I’ve been over tired and not at all motivated after caring for a sick toddler and a teething/growthspurting 6 month old. I actually haven’t even left the house to go Lulu browsing (ok shopping) which goes to show how blah I’ve been.  I’ve also eaten horribly all week as a comfort for my troubles and have put in zero effort into dinner. What I’ve needed the most to make myself feel better is a run and that was the first thing on my list that got neglected. Finally today I got out for a run (last one was Sunday!!!) and expected to only be out for 30 minutes. Well, I had a terrific run and was out for 60 minutes just enjoying the time away and the space to have 60 minutes of stream of consciousness uninterrupted thinking. Man, I now feel tired as before, and my back is still achy but my mind is feeling like a million bucks right now. I wore my lovely Run: Spirit Pullover out for a run finally and although it was too warm for it, it made me feel fast. I highly recommend running (or your workout of preference)  to all moms. It’s just the best way to feel better after a really tough day of giving, giving, giving.  My new rule is that even if I’m feeling ick I need to go out and run. I don’t have to put the full time in but I do need to have my 4 days (at least) of getting out there. 10 minutes or 60 minutes doesn’t matter as long as I get out and just run.

Great picture from todays Lululemon blog
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