I must admit that I was pretty ho-hum about this print before and in particular I didn’t like this green one but now that I see it on someone it actually looks really nice on her. My preference is still the “pretty” hoodies but this is an interesting print. Almost looks like a worn denim. While not my favourite, I can still appreciate it.

  1. I bought the black one on Wed and I have read mixed reviews about this print/pattern but I instantly fell in love with the black one in this print. The senorita/black print is also nice and funnily, the scuba was put out just that morning and the girls at the till, educators, were telling me not to buy it because they were eyeing it…its something different for sure. It has a metal zipper though but i guess it goes with the look/feel of the scuba. Also I'm not sure if the fabric differs from the solid scuba's but i think this will wash and wear well…i hope:)

  2. I do like the Senorita Pink one and it's much nicer on and in pictures of people wearing it. I think when you just look at the print on it's own you don't get the whole idea of how it looks. I'm pretty sure it's the same material as the other scubas and it will wash well. I think you wont even notice fading on this as much as on solid scubas. This is a much edgier print.

  3. I convinced my mom to buy her first lulu hoodie in the black and grey pattern like this. I think it looked a lot dressier, and for my mom who is almost 50, didnt make her look like she was trying to be too 'young' in it. The pictures dont do it justice. In person I really liked it! (not the pink or green however…lolo all the way 🙂

  4. I bought the green one and I LOVE IT! I got it the day they we're unpacking it and haven't seen another one since! I love the fact it's going to be a rare scuba! Just wish I woulda bought 2!

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