I haven’t tried on the Start it Up Pants but I did see them mysteriously appear online about two weeks ago and then as soon as pictures started appearing on Facebook as they were released in stores they were removed from the online store. The pants seem to be really flattering and comfortable. The front of the pants are swift and the back are made of luon which is nice for stretch and range of movement. When I saw them online I thought the transition of fabric would be obvious but when I looked at them in store I actually had to pick them up and feel them to confirm that they had luon in the back. I wonder if the Dance Studio Pants will be out at all this season.

And here is another look at Heathered Amazon in the Fireside Hoodie. Does anyone who purchased the a Fireside have any feedback on how the cable knit portion is holding up to the wash? I purchased that SE Grey and Senorita Pink Scuba Hoodie online on Thursday (as well as Lolo Purple Inspire Crops from GEC!!!) and I’m wondering how the cable knit will hold up. Judging by how my Canada Cheer Gear held up I think it will be just fine.

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