Charcoal and Black SE Scuba Hoodies with the cable knit arms. I quite like mine (pictured bellow in the pink) and so far the cable knit has stood up pretty well. I am a bit disappointed that there is no SE label on the inside. Not that I care about the label so much as the fact that I paid extra for this hoodie ($128) and if I ever want to sell there is nothing indicating that this is different from other Scuba hoodies. Maybe that’s the point though and it helps prevent it from getting marked up 300% on ebay, in which case I understand completely and appreciate the effort to quash gougers.

I didn’t see this one in store which is the one I got a few weeks ago in the Thursday Upload.

Black/River Rock Sketch Pattern

Scuba HoodieScuba HoodieAlternate View

And finally some new Cool Racerback colors. Power Purple, Senorita Pink, Lolo, and River Rock

Inspire Jacket in Senorita Pink -Adorable! Too bad about the fit issues.

Personal Best SS. Love this top, very flattering on every-body.

Ultra Pants. I’m very intrigued by these for running but I’m a tights kinda gal so not sure how I would like these for running. And, have any of you tried those Vibram shoes for running yet? is it a gimmick or do you like them?

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