Escapade Jacket

September 20, 2010

I like the look of this jacket, it’s pretty much a sportier version of the Everyday Yoga Jacket and the Audrey Jacket and it costs $228 and has a fur lined (faux?) hood. It’s made of the same Softshell outside with the inner fleece lining just like the Audrey except with an added hood lined with faux fur. This is nice if you prefer having a hood (fur lined is a nice detail) and a shorter length jacket. Options for everyone!

Comes in Black, Coal and something called Magic-Mani wonder what that one is. It’s a manifesto print. Maybe it’s like toddler jackets that have an appearing print when it gets wet with rain -hence, Magic Mani ;p

*Here is a picture of Magic Mani print from last year. This years print is a purple background (periwinkle like) with coal details. Sounds gorgeous.

Lululemon Escapade Jacket

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