Thursday, July 18, 2024

Happy Lulu Shopping Today

by Cristina

Today I went in to my local Coquitlam Lululemon to return my Daze Peace of Mind Vest and while I was there I brought up the fact that the hardware on my On the Move Bag that I purchased over the summer had snapped off. I was bumbed about it because I use it as my every day diaper bag/purse and so getting it repaired would leave me without a bag. Amazingly I was offered the option of a) a repair that could be 6-8 weeks, b) a repair at a shoe repair shop paid by them and done within the week or c) a store credit. So of course I took the store credit (all three options were quite reasonable though) and put it towards a Bon Voyage Duffle Bag in Ivy and I am so in love with this bag. I was a bit worried about how big it is but who cares, it’s gorgeous and it has a laptop compartment for on the go blogging (;p) and two bottle pockets on either side. While I was there, and since I was so happy to have such a great resolution to my broken bag I went ahead and spent some more money. I got some Coal Cobra Crops on sale for $59 and I convinced my non lulu friend that she needed a pair as well since were going to Bikrams this Sunday to have a bit of a baby break (she has kids the same age as mine and has had a tough 2 weeks too). She was so impressed by the customer service I got over my bag that she said she’ll for sure be back for more stuff soon. I think she’s been bitten by the lulu bug finally and since Bikrams will be a regular thing for us she’ll need to stock up on some luon and luxtreme.

Good customer service is paramount for me when I make decisions on where to shop. I happily pay a little bit more for items at Babys World here in Coquitlam because I’ve so often returned items and gotten no questions asked bend over backwards customer service from them. They have tons of staff that are always ready to make the customer happy and for me that is way more important than getting the items a few dollars cheaper elsewhere and potentially not getting an exchange when they break. Sometimes products are defective and it’s unfortunate when it happens but if you have good customer service and give the customer a positive experience when they come into your store you will get them to spend more money happily and be loyal for life.

So a big Thank You!! to the Coquitlam girls for making my day today.

Bon Voyage Duffel
The Ivy one, not Citron

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