Saturday, June 15, 2024

Fit Review Personal Pictures – Modern V LS, Inspire Crops, Swiftly Tee and SE Scuba

by Cristina

Back by popular demand, personal fit reviews. This top picture is the newest print of the Modern V Neck Long Sleeve Coal/BKFP. I’ve decided that I like this print very much and wont be on the look out for a newer better color. I’m wearing a Free to Be bra underneath which is low cut and as you can tell the  cleavage in this top is not so bad when you size down. I got this in a size 6 and the sleeves and body length are still on the long side.

This is the other long sleeve that I saw yesterday with the side panels in grey. I really don’t like the contrast panels.

This picture shows the rise on the Inspire Crops which are higher rise than my Run: With It Crops. As you can see here it creates a bit of muffin top but not enough to bother me. I prefer a slightly higher rise so that I don’t show plumbers but when I run and so that I feel more tucked in. I got this in a size 8 and I’m glad now that I’ve been wearing these all morning that I didn’t go with a size 6. I’ll be running in them this afternoon so i’ll update on this post how they’ve held up.

The newest Swiftly Tee in Lolo Purple which I love. Got it in a 10 because the 8  showed too much muffin top to wear with jeans. I think this is my favourite Swiftly color so far. You can also see here the length of the crops on my 5″4, short legs. This is how they sit naturally but I can pull them down so they touch my socks or I can hike them up a little bit. Either way works.

Close up of the Lolo Siwftly and my matching chipped nail polish. Chi – Knight in Shining Armour, in case you were wondering.

And my new SE Scuba Hoodie which I love. Got this in an 8 and it feels really comfortable.

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