Wednesday, June 19, 2024

More of The Inspire Pullovers and Swell Jacket + More

by Cristina

Hope your not tiring of seeing these pictures but I’m someone who needs to see various pictures of a color when I don’t get to see it in person before I decide. I’m preparing myself to have to order it if it pops up in the upload tomorrow before it hits stores.

*I’m updating pictures here as they come up.

Is this a new amphipod belt in pink? I’m needing to replace my hydration belt for something less abrasive  and bouncy. What are your thoughts on the amphipods?

And one shot of the Swell jacket in Coal and Oasis. I like this jacket but I it’s not something I need or am in love with.

And more pictures with the Inspire Pullover paired with the Cross Train Crops

Senorita Pink Inspire Crops paired with the Run: Recharge Tank in Senorita Pink on a fellow short statured lady. I love being short sometimes because it gives me the option of hiking up my crops or pulling them down. Just saying, it’s not all bad.

Does anyone know if the Coal Luxtreme shows sweat much? I reader from a few posts down is wondering.

Swift colors
Newest River Rock and Coal Scuba

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