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New Product at Metrotown today

July 23, 2010

Sounds like a promising day today. Metro got the new running products in. I’m off to Coquitlam today for a play date so hopefully they have the new products too! and hopefully the new products includes the Run Pullover.

this is what Metro posted on Facebook:
lululemon athletica Metrotown is super excited to have sooo much new product in-store TODAY!!! Come in and check out the Run Track and Field Jacket, Run: Inspire Crops and Reflective run gear!
See you real soon!!!
And Kelowna:

lululemon athletica Kelowna Come check out all of our new product today!! I mean tons!! So FUN!!

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3 responses to “New Product at Metrotown today”

  1. Cheryl says:

    the re-release of the Track n Field jkt is awesome, but I didn't like the prints they used. they look a bit funny on.. I have the plaid antidote and solid black from 2009 and thought the plaid was unflattering until I tried it on – now i think the plaid is cute!
    the 2010 stripey reflective pattern (looks similar to a tie-dye vertical effect of silver black or silver and watermelon) is definitely a plus for visibility but it's not for me =).
    saw a really cute dance crop, and the fouette tank has arrived in a beautiful oasis..!
    and there was another gorgeous oasis tank with black 'satin' trim along the bust line with a shelf bra.. can't remember the name but it is going to be my future purchase, LOL
    there was more but i made a quick exit with my new scuba, dance strap headband and zoom shorts at $29!!.
    how did you make out at Coq Centre? successful? or too successful, LOL

  2. Cheryl says:

    ah, the new tank i saw is the 'commit' tank. =)
    perfect name for my next purchase, lol!

  3. Lulumum says:

    Thanks Cheryl, I got this just as I was standing in the store so I got to look out for the commit tank and the dance crop which I would have totally missed because I was on the Run line mission.

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