New Product: Dance Crop

Dance Crop
$78 for these super cute crops made of what feels like thinner Luon (not stated on the hang tag) cinchable cuffed bottom. This is a medium rise (thank goodness) and you can apperently roll down the waist but I really don’t see how. The waist is not at all substantial like other Lulu pants that can be rolled down or even as supportive as the Wunder Grooves so who knows if these will stay in place. Still deciding if I want or need to keep these. I’m really a sucker for the cuff at the bottom though.

*Just tried these on again and I love them. You can roll down the top actually but it’s not like the Stills. It’s a very thin seamed waist so even when you fold it down you can’t see it through your shirt. No muffin top too!


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