So I decided to take one for the team again and  give you an honest fit review of the light up tank using a personal photo. This is a size 12 and normally I wear a size 10 but can go down to 8 depending on style. I purposefully chose the Pig Pink for this so you can see that it’s not clinging to imperfections around my middle (which I have after just having had a baby 4 months ago!!!).You may sacrifice support in the shelf bra by going up a size but you can just wear a Flow Y under it and in the front all you would see is a tiny bit peaking at the “v” point. In the back you would obviously see the straps of your Flow Y but if you wear a White or Coal colored one with the Pig Pink it would look not too bad, or you can wear the matching bra under it and you would not see anything. I’ll let you know how it goes running with it tomorrow support wise, today I’m not running because I have Rye neck.  I love the bottom of this top for obvious reasons but also because it looks so cute on with the Run: With it Crops that I love because of the looser at the knee legs with really cute cuffs.  Wearing it up higher like this it stays put and doesn’t slide down. It’s funny, I left the tags on this because looking at it on the hanger I keep thinking I’ll feel self conscious wearing it but when I wear it I feel perfectly fine and modest enough.

PS. I don’t find this too low cut for me. As I said, it mostly covers a Flow Y in the front which goes to show how high up it goes. I think if your really big breasted it may be vavavavoom but not so much for these 36C’s.

PPS. I’m wearing this with my Lulu Crops which tend to give me a bit of muffin top but it’s not too bad with this top.

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