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The Tranquil Crop from 2009 and Lux Sweatshirts

June 2, 2010

So I got these Beechlu crops last spring/summer and loved them because they were so soft and such a pretty color (Aruba) but for some reason they started pilling really badly after the very first wash (no cotton, no towels and hang to dry etc. etc.) and then became rough and scratchy and really worn looking. Do you think that the Lux sweatshirt I got the other day will pill like this too considering it’s also Beechlu/Modal or is it a different blend?

How did your Lux wear and if you got these crops too last summer did they get trashed as well?
LULU-1324 Tranquil Crop, shop.lululemon.comLULU-1324 Tranquil Crop,

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wash your hoodie in cold water, delicate cycle, inside-out and hang to dry. This method has worked for me!

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