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New find today (Classy classic in new colors)

June 1, 2010

I ran into Metrotown today and made a stop in at the Lulu to try on the new clothes. Just as I was about to leave I hit jackpot. I found myself the Run: swiftly tank in potion purple which I had been on the look out for and although it is a muted version of the purple it looks really pretty with the Potion FLOW Y bra underneath it. Snagged that in a hurry. I usually use my Lagoon Run Swiftly Tech long sleeve in one size bigger cause I love the baggier look in this top and LOVE the feel of it but I had to make due with my size in the tank. I can even use the long sleeve in warm weather and it’s not too stifling.

I also spotted two new Classy Classic Gym bags, one very cute one in Potion Purple and one Potion and Savage Foxy print. I love that print but it looks better in the satin than it does in leather (or faux leather if that’s what the Classy is made of).

Tried on the new hooded Sunblocker and it is very nice on. Love the slowchy look to it and the hood with button down, but again this is not something I would wear running. First of all I’m not out running marathon distances (yet!) so sun exposure is taken care of with sunscreen (in an ideal version of myself). the hood would never be used and may flap around or drag if it’s a windy day. I don’t mind long sleeves in warm weather anymore as long as it’s a cool fabric. Pretty pricey too so it’s a no for me.

The Gather Dance Strap top was cute on but the bottom was puffier than the Bliss top so for those that don’t like the “maternity” look keep that in mind. I didn’t like the strappy part on the back for me because unfortunately during my year long nursing stage in life I get the ugly bra fat (which disappears a week or so after I stop nursing ) so this top highlights that on me. Love the bubble bottom on it but still I preferred the Bliss top on me overall.

I also saw the Halter Hoodie in Angel Blue as well as the Potion and didn’t even bother trying it on.

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7 responses to “New find today (Classy classic in new colors)”

  1. E says:

    i bought the dance strap tank even though it poofs out like a tent. i was thinking i'd just wear it with the drawstring tightened…i might end up returning it though. sigh, so sad!

  2. E says:

    I love the back of the dance strap tank though, and the ruching…it's so pretty! Just don't like the tented silhouette. 🙁

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lulumum – Are you saying you like the Jumpstart gym bag in the plaid better than the Classy Classic in plaid print? I haven't seen it yet in the Classy bag and was thinking about buying the Jumpstart bag in that print. Did you see one in Angel Blue?

  4. Lulumum says:

    It was very cute…just try the bliss on and see which one you prefer. I don't personally think maternity when I see a top like that but some have made that complaint about the Bliss top which I think flows strait down as apposed to out.

  5. Lulumum says:

    I liked the Potion one in the classy bag better but in the travel pooch and jumpstart i like the plaid a lot.

  6. Anonymous says:

    does the gathered dance strap tank look anything like the older dance strap tank??? I love those! and they definitely don't have a "pooch" factor. I'd be so happy if they came back!

  7. Lulumum says:

    I think it's pretty similar although I gather the old one was less generous in the bra area. I've read before that the ribbon on that one cut in a little…I remember seeing that one in store a year or so back and not sure at all why I didn't buy it (just my style), I was probably pregnant at the time come to think of it.

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