Today I tried on the new Shanti crop in both the Black and the Heathered Clarity Grey (also comes in Classic Sport Grey). These pants were extremely thin and soft and very similar to the Tranquil crop from last year. They are made of Beechlu but I’m pretty sure these were thinner than the Tranquil crop. I passed on these because my Tranquil Crop pilled so badly after just a few uses so I’m very wary of anything Beechlu/Modal. But they were oh so tempting and comfortable. For a short 5’4 person I think these may have been a touch too long for me and too flared at the hem.

The new flashback jackets were in and they seemed to be a thinner cotton than the flashbacks from a few weeks ago. I checked and they aren’t Beechlu so I’m not sure why they felt so different. I wasn’t tempted by the flashback despite the very pretty colors because I’m not as in love with the cut as I am with the Free2Be. For me, the pockets on this doesn’t do it for me nor does the varsity stripes at the bottom.

The new colors for the Cool Racerbacks. Hmmm….the colors don’t sing to me. Mainly because all together they just remind me of the Jamaican flag (I love Jamaica, nothing wrong with the flag) and there not “pretty colors” or neutrals. The Mac N Cheese is too bright of a yellow for me and I can’t wear that (much prefer a Chirp type yellow) but someone with a great tan can rock it for sure. Savage Green is an awesome color but so hard to wear for a lot of people. And the Senorita pink is just ok.

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