This is such a great jacket, I have it in Lagoon and Faded Zap which I love to wear with my Astro crops or my Wunder Unders. Not so great over jeans unless you have the skinny jeans. I’ve seen this on a variety of body types and I think it can be tricky to wear. If your short and curvy like me you have to be careful to get a size up so it’s not too fitted and wear it with leggings and not Jeans. If you have narrow hips you have to play around with the zipper to give more an illusion of shape and you can get away with wearing it with jeans more easily. As far as today’s colors, the Heathered Clarity Grey is nice as is the Frisbee but the pink was not my favourite. I wonder why they all of a sudden have Frisbee instead of Angel Blue. There such similar colors so I’m surprised they have such an overlap. It’s not like going from Lagoon to Angel blue.


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