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Product Notification

by Cristina

This product notification I just received is a little deceiving. In the picture this Angel Blue Swiftly Tank looks like it’s got grey edging around the neck and shoulders but the ones I saw at Coquitlam Lululemon yesterday did not have this. In fact I did buy the tank and the short sleeve in Angel blue and ended up returning the tank because I already have the Potion Purple tank. I wash my running gear every night before I go to bed and hang to dry so I don’t need more than one such a similar tan.

Have any of you seen this Angel Blue with Grey edging Swiftly tank in stores? I may have kept it if it had this detail because I really like the combination of coal and blue.

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Lululemon mum June 16, 2010 - 12:33 am

yup, went in to Metro and checked it out again. No grey stripe. The old lavender one does have that grey contrast but not the blue. Wonder if it will be coming out soon but I doubt they would do that.


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