Thursday, June 13, 2024

Celebrate May with Lululemon: Weekly Product Drops and Web Restocks

by Cristina

New Pride merch has dropped this week! I haven’t featured all the items in this post but I did feature the wild Discotheque Multi print. I saw this print in store yesterday and it’s very flashy! 

I’m thrilled to see more items in Washed Mauve. It’s my favourite Lululemon color in a long time and when it uploaded a few months ago, there were too few items. Hong Kong got the Define in Washed Mauve so I’m hoping we see it here too. I ordered the Track That High-Rise Lined Short and the Scuba Oversized Hoodie in washed mauve. That one uploaded a few weeks ago and I’ve been debating it.

I’m also really liking the cute Everywhere Backpack in Swirl Yellow. I hope we see some clothing items in this color.

lululemon Align High-Rise Pant Discothèque Multi

lululemon Align Dress

Discothèque Multi

Define Hooded Jacket *Nulu

Gossamer Floral Light Multi

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