Saturday, June 15, 2024

Get First Dibs: Lululemon’s Weekly Product Drops and Web Restocks Overview

by Cristina

This weeks upload is live with tons of Dahlia Mauve pieces to stock up on! I have my eye on the Wunder Puff Cropped Vest because it’s so cute in the pink, but I prefer the regular length. Maybe i’lll add it to my wish list. 

Don’t forget, Black Friday is just around the corner and this year the drop happens first on the app, this Thursday. I’ll be here covering it as always! You can sign up for my alerts in the links at the bottom of this post. 

lululemon Black Friday 2023 - Black Friday Sale lululemon 2023

lululemon align tank

Lined Truleopard MAX Brown Multi

When does lululemon restock? Every week lululemon restocks online their newest products, which I cover here. There are also holiday and special surprise drops like this athleisure fix. The Sweat Edit has been reliably covering lululemon Restocks since 2010, for free! No need to pay for a subscription. Don’t miss out on the lululemon Drops – Get the quickest lululemon Restock alerts here for free!

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