Sunday, July 21, 2024

Stay Fashionably Fit with Lululemon: Weekly Product Drops and Web Restocks

by Cristina

When does lululemon restock? Every week lululemon restocks online their newest products, which I cover here. There are also holiday and special surprise drops like this athleisure fix. The Sweat Edit has been reliably covering lululemon Restocks since 2010, for free! No need to pay for a subscription. Don’t miss out on the lululemon Drops – Get the quickest lululemon Restock alerts here for free!

This weeks upload is definitely a lot more exciting than the last few. Typical of end of summer uploads. I anticipate next week will be the big Back to School/Fall drop with all of the new purples,  fall jackets, cozy pieces and bags.

We got Wunder Trains in the new Petrol Purple which I immediately ordered. It’s been so long since lululemon has released a dark purple like this which has always been a popular seller. 

I’ve seen a sneak peek of a Define Jacket in Petrol Purple  and I will definitely be ordering that when it drops.

woman Fashionably Fit with Lululemon wearing Perfectly Oversized Cropped Crew Stripe

lululemon align pant

Heathered Core Medium Grey

New lululemon Tank Tops this week in Medium Forest

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