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lululemon Restocks: lululemon leggings, lululemon shorts, lululemon belt bag

The Weekly lululemon Drop

by Cristina

The best lululemon leggings, lululemon shorts and lululemon belt bag restocked this week. Check out this weeks lululemon Restocks Drop (AKA product drop, AKA ‘The Upload”)! To keep track of the weekly websitte restocks, read this post to find out the schedule and sign up for alerts.

Let’s see what’s new this week for lululemon leggings, shorts and of course, what seems like weekly belt bag restocks now. 

When you’ve been blogging about lululemon for 13 years like I have, it’s really easy to forget what pieces you already own. I know a lot of people keep spreadsheets for these things but my brain doesn’t work like that. 

So, I was just debating the new Hold Tight Tank Top in Jacquard.    I was hesitating because of how steep the price point is. $78 seems outrageous  for tank tops when eggs are now $10/12. It just dawned on me that I actually have a prettier version of this from 2012. I have the Jacquard Mesh Cool Racerback in Rose Quartz! Also, I might have it in white!

The trick is finding where I’ve stored it, and seeing if it still fits. I’m pretty sure I was size 8/10 back then and I now feel more comfortable in size 12 for tank tops.  Fingers crossed! I’ll post an update if it still fits me well. 

You can read my post here comparing the sizing of the Jacquard Mesh CRB to a regular CRB. (also this post to see the black version). 

best lululemon Hold Tight Tank Top Jacquard
lululemon Jacquard Mesh Cool Racerback circa 2012

lululemon Align High-Rise Pant

Future Utopia Multi

This is the subtitle

Short Insulated Bomber Jacket

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