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Looking for a new hiking jacket that’s waterproof and has zippered pockets? This lululemon jacket has you covered

by Cristina

This jacket might be the one you need

Are you looking for a new hiking waterproof jacket that has zippered pockets? This is the lululemon jacket for you. Wether you hike in the woods, or you are an urban campus hiker.

Rain gear for urban hiking, to-from or true hiking. 

Trekking from class to class across large university campuses counts as urban hiking. 
You may need this lululemon waterproof rain jacket to get you to class dry if you live in Vancouver. In the event that you get caught in a rain storm, which is likely,  you should always have a lightweight rain jacket on hand. They need to design jackets with zippered textbook pockets. 
Lululemon has you covered with their newest waterproof jacket design.
lululemon jacket for hiking - waterproof - running jacket - lightweight
Newly released, this lululemon waterproof hiking half-zip pullover dropped today in stores. It’s available in the new color charged indigo. Charged Indigo reminds me of the old colour Power Purple, which I love. This new purple pullover is better than any other half-zip pullover lululemon jacket I’ve seen for hiking. 
lululemon jacket made for hiking! It’s a waterproof rain jacket!

lululemon waterproof pullover designed for hiking

Because it’s made of glyde material, this jacket featured is completely water-resistant. And it’s lightweight. Perforated ventilations in strategic areas keep you cool while you’re exploring the trails. Plus, it also has a large zippered kangaroo pocket in case you need two stash things so they don’t get wet. For example, your phone. In other words, zippered kangaroo pockets are perfect for holding your lunch, snacks, keys and phone. No matter were you are on your hike, you will have your essentials close at hand, and dry.
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With attention to little design details, lululemon incorporates some fun features in this half-zip pullover. That’s what I love about them. You have a phrase embossed that says ‘detours welcome’, a pretty zipper pull, and a new style lululemon logo on the lower back hem. 

How much are lululemon rain jackets?

Spotted today, this lululemon waterproof hiking half-zip pullover was seen in a Canadian store. The lululemon Coquitlam store in British Columbia. The lululemon rain jacket for sale for $228 which is typical for their waterproof jackets. Especially for their more detailed running jacket designs. As can be seen, this jacket is packed full of features. 

In short, although this jacket didn’t come home with me today I am strongly considering picking it up tomorrow. In the event I can get to the store tomorrow, I’ll do a follow up fit review. Obviously it’s beautiful, but it is also an investment. 

You can see an earlier lululemon jacket fit review here. 

While we wait for this lululemon half-zip pullover to hit the website, check out these other options

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