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lululemon Prada dupe bag

Side By Side: lululemon Crossbody with Nano Pouch + Prada Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon

by Cristina

See a side-by side of the  best lululemon dupe. The lululemon prada dupe bag side by side with the Prada Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon. Who did it better? 

A word on lululemon dupes, Prada dupe bags and dupes in general

I am not a fan of replicas or copies and feel very strongly that they are unethical, and damaging to society. The replica industry is a front for  horrific human rights violations. It feeds a system of human trafficking, money laundering and organized crime. Replica bags purport to fool people into believing they are carrying a designer bag, or allowing someone to pretend as if they are carrying a designer bag. Don’t support that industry. 

 There is a big difference between a ‘dupe’ and a ‘replica’ or ‘copy’.

A dupe is a riff on a popular style element, which is different and unique enough that nobody would be confused weather you are carrying a $3000 Prada bag and all of it’s unique design features, or a lululemon crossbody nylon bag priced at $48. 

The Nylon Bag Trend Without The Eye-Watering Price

lululemon’s design is uniquely their own. They have had one version or another of nylon crossbody bags for many years. The Prada Nylon bag is a simple, ubiquitous style in a non-luxury nylon material. The aesthetics of this bag are meant to be sporty, edgy and utilitarian. 

There are three design features in the Prada bag which is also trending amongst many other luxury and high street brands. First, the nylon bag strap is seen in Louise Vuitton, Claire V. and many other designer brands. Next, the additional nano pouch attachment is also seen in many bag styles, like Louise Vuitton. Thirdly, the crossbody hobo shape is very ‘on-trend’ in bag design overall.

The lululemon Crossbody with Nano Pouch just happens to be a fantastic, ‘luxury like’ design in a not so eye-watering price point. As a luxury handbag lover, I’m hesitant to pay luxury prices for nylon. I reserve those special purchases for really special bags. I love that there is a lululemon version of the designer nylon bag trend so I can still get that chic design, for a very reasonable price. 

Prada Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon -lululemon-Prada-dupe - left-Prada Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon

So is the Crossbody with Nano Pouch a very good lululemon dupe of the Prada Re Edition bag?

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