Saturday, June 15, 2024

Early Lululemon Upload

by Cristina

Surprise! It’s an early lululemon upload for this week! New color debuts today! Loving Savannah Pink and Nigh Sea, and I really love Blue Nile. The new Smokey Topaz is a very pretty earthy brown-mauve. 

This early upload was such a surprise that I haven’t had a chance to browse it for myself just yet. I do see a lot of great gift ideas for the holidays. I’m definitely going to have a closer look at the lululemon x Saje kits. 

what did you order today? Are you loving the new color stories for this season? 

lululemon x Saje The Reset Kit

Down for It All Jacket Shine

Night Sea

Insulated Waterproof Jacket

Cotton French Terry Zip Hoodie

Denim Wash Print Dusky Lavender Black

Down for It All Vest Shine

Pink Savannah

Warmth Restore Long Pullover

smokey topaz, bold beige, night sea

Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Shirt 2.0

Tetra Stripe Pink Savannah/Pink Mist/Mulled Wine/Red Rock Race Length

Particolour French Press/Smoky Topaz

lululemon Align™ Waist-Length Tank Top

mulled wine, everglade green

Fast and Free Brushed Fabric High-Rise Tight 28"

mulled wine

Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Shirt 2.0

everglade green

Rain Rebel Jacket

pink savannah

Base Pace High-Rise Running Tight 28" Brushed Nulux

blue nile

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Mother Runner November 1, 2021 - 5:05 pm

I LOVE everything Everglade Green! Thanks for the heads up on the early drop. I didn’t need another swiftly but how could I not?! Night Sea is beautiful too. I love all the colours this season. Debating on getting the Adapted State Joggers in the green too (they are my go-to pant for everything). The Saje collaboration is long overdue – glad to see it beyond Seawheeze. 🙂

Doreen November 3, 2021 - 3:06 pm

Totally agree on the early upload heads up! I ordered the insulated trench in the white color, just stopped in at a store and bought the half zip fleece pullover- it’s a dream!!


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