Thursday, September 29, 2022

Lululemon’s new high support sports bra, Air Support Bra

by Cristina
Lululemon Air Support Bra, best high support sports bra

Did you read the awesome fit review Rochelle wrote of the AirSupport Bra? It was so awesome getting her perspective on bra performance since she’s a runner who needs and prefers a higher support bra.

I wanted to share my own quick try-on notes here in case you wanted to see some bra construction details. 

Although I’m a 34DD, I am happy with the level of support from the Free To Be Elevated Bra I reviewed that one last summer and it’s been my go-to. The AirSupport Bra is definitely the upgrade from the Enlite Bra in the high support category and I’m excited to have added it to my sports bra collection. I was really impressed with all the little construction details and the cool features. It’s a very well made bra. 

I did find it hard to put on at first as it is a cross back style which requires you to pull on overhead, and then latch at the back. You do need a level of dexterity and flexibility for this style of bra. 

I realized in store that all of the bras are set at the shortest strap length (which is very short) and they need to be loosened before pulled on. At that short length it’s pretty much impossible to get the bra down low enough.  Once I figured that out I was able to pull the bra on and have it come down over my bust. Then I was able to latch the back. Once on, the bra felt really comfortable without being binding. 

I loved the fit and found that the moulded cups created definition that most sports bras don’t have. A favourite feature is the texted band and straps which helps everything stay in place without shifting around on you. 

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