Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Lululemon Upload

by Cristina

The lululemon upload this week

Happy Tuesday, guys! 

Small little upload this week but a couple of exciting new high support bras dropped. The AirSupport Bra, which goes all the way to DDD. I also noticed a new Energy Bra, the Energy Bra High Support which also goes to DDD cups. I’d love to hear your impressions if you get to try them on this week.

I could do a review of these new bras but I’m a 34DD and don’t typically have support issues with the bra lineup. Sometimes I have coverage issues. I don’t think it would be as beneficial to get my impressions for those of you that require a more supportive/higher cup size bra but if any of you with a higher cup size would like to do a review, shoot me a message. I’d love to share it here. I love having guest reviewers!

Let me know what you guys ordered this week or tried on!

lululemon Align™ Gathered-Front Tank Top

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