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The lululemon upload is here! lots of pretty new colors. loving Hawaiian Blue and the Blue Borealis Scuba Hoodie 1/2 Zip and Align Tank. I’m waiting on Grape Thistle Align crops to upload, hopefully next week. And I’d also love a Grape Thistle Align Tank

Did you guys order anything today?

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  • I love the blue borealis scuba oversized half zip so much but I’m so afraid of the color fading when washed. I read so many reviews that say colors faded, even when washed on delicate and inside out. I wish I knew if this also happens with this color 😩

    • I’ve had very minimal fading on my black one and I wash it normally and have machine dried it a few times (prefer to hang dry). My old lululemon scubas would fade horrifically years ago so I would never ever buy black. The difference for me now is I don’t use conventional laundry detergents which have a lot of optic whiteners, harsher stripping chemicals that pull color out and they also leave a coating on fabrics which looks a lot like fading. A little tiny bit of fading will actually look worse. You know this is happening because you get extra ‘fading’ along bumpy areas like the seam edge above the cuff. I use Nelly’s laundry detergent, or a much cheaper option which is pretty much the same called Country Save. You should also use a bit of vinegar in your first wash because that will set the dye, as does the soda ash in these minimal laundry detergents.

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