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The lululemon upload is live!

Not a huge lululemon upload today but some very exciting new prints and vibrant colors for winter. I think Canada got around 100 items on the ‘What’s New’ landing page. I’ve avoided mall shopping the past 3-4 weeks so I’m really excited to see a lululemon refresh with brand new prints.

I love seeing highlighter colors for January. The catalyst multi tracker short V is my favourite piece in the new print.

I wish the Wunder Train High Rise Short 6″ came in catalyst multi. Although I do like the incentive refresh multi print as well, just not as much. I wear the Wunder Train shorts for Peloton more often than I do loser fitting shorts like the trackers. These prints are WILD and not something I’d typically wear out to the gym, but I would 100% wear them for a fun at home Peloton workout.

The Full Flourish Pullover in Chambray is calling to me. I have it in black and chrome from last year and I love it. I am also eying the Cadet Blue Beyond The Studio Jogger. when did Cadet come back? I love that color. I haven’t tried the Beyond The Studio Joggers yet so this may be the incentive I need.

What did you guys love/hate from this upload?

Check out the newest lululemon upload!

catalyst multi - wunder train high rise tight - Lululemon upload
Lululemon upload - incentive refresh multi - wunder train high rise crop
incentive refresh multi  - Lululemon upload
incentive refresh multi - energy bra long line - Lululemon upload
catalyst multi energy bra - Lululemon upload
catalyst multi - tracker short v - lululemon upload
incentive refresh multi - wunder train shorts - lululemon upload
ebb to street tank *shine - lululemon upload
full flourish pullover - chambray -Lululemon upload
lululemon swiftly tech LS, highlighter yellow
Time To Restore Short Sleeve, Lululemon upload
lululemon upload, Beyond The Studio jogger, gold bluff
lululemon upload
lululemon upload

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  1. I ordered the full flourish top. I have last year’s chrome color and love it for winter weather. The mixed colors remind of the 80s and are hideous IMO, but I’m sure some people like the vibrancy.

  2. I like the bright colors of the new prints, but I think they’re pretty ugly overall. I think the prints are pretty generic too, very Nike or under armor in my opinion.

    I’m curious about the beyond the studio joggers too. I tried the DSJ but didn’t like, at all. Curious about the new version, and the fact that there is a 7/8 version as well.

  3. I bought the chambray full flourish – I love the black and chrome ones from last year and wear them all the time! Also got the highlight yellow LS swiftly – the neon swiftly tops have been so bright and saturated and amazing! What were your thoughts on the puff sleeve crop sweatshirt? That one is still on my radar 🙂

  4. Really not a fan at all of this drop. They are actually laughable. I LOVE lululemon but for real please bring back the normal, classy, quality. I use to buy 1 or 2 pieces per drop, but now it’s lucky to be 1 a month. I have a ton so I could just be getting pickier, but not many items that make me pull the trigger. Hoping for a better drop next week 😬

  5. I picked up the full flourish! Have one from last year and I love it for winter months. I’m not liking the vibrant mixed color patterns – reminiscent of the 80s-90s. No thanks. It’s like 2020 was crazy enough, I don’t want to wear it.

  6. Cristina do you happen to know what brand hiking boot is shown with the City Sleek 5 pocket 7/8 pant in black? Also the running shoe shown with the City Sleek 5 pocket 7/8 pant in graphite grey? I am unable to tell from the photos. Thank you!

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