An early lululemon product drop just in time for Christmas

Wow, a third upload! It’s an early lululemon product drop just in time for Christmas deliveries. This upload is better than Tuesday’s or Thursday’s in my opinion.

BTW, we Just finished watching Noelle on Disney plus with the kids and I think it’s the best Christmas movie to have come out since Elf. Have you watched it? Definitely recommend.

Did you read my last minute gift ideas post? I wore my favourite lululemon outfit from Fall/Winter 2020.

Hot sellers from this upload are the Stronger As One Bra (that will sell out); the new heathered sport grey Ready To Rulu Jogger Crop; new Blue BOREALIS Align Tank; the Scuba Oversized 1/2 Zip in Rosemary Green and Trench (I think Trench will be the first sell-out) and the Scuba High-Rise Jogger Fleece. So many goodies. I ordered the LA Puff Sleeve in both colors, and am debating the Ready To Rulus which I live in. The cost per wear on the joggers make it an entirely justifiable purchase. If I could I’d also get the Scuba Oversized and the Scuba Joggers. I’ll need to add those to my Christmas Wish list.

Lululemon product drop

UM, Hello LA Puff Sleeve Crop Sweatshirt, come home with me! I ordered the navy and then decided to order the highlighter orange too. I love this shape.

Lululemon product drop
Lululemon product drop - Scuba Oversized 1/2 Zip Hoodie
Stronger As One Long Line Bra
Lululemon product drop - Scuba High Rise Jogger Fleece


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  1. This drop is really unflattering. I miss the LULU of old where the women’s shape was flattered – cuts weren’t boxy, there were nice details, and the colors were happy. I feel like we’re headed for 2014/2015 again.

  2. But on the flip side, I managed to order a pair of Classic Green Hotty Hots! That is my absolute favorite shade of green from LLL AND it is arriving tomorrow! A win! I was so sad I missed out on the Classic Green Swiftly, but was lucky enough when the Borders were open to get a Classic Green Love Tee from the US. I really hope we can cross the line soon as I need a U-Haul right now for my PO box…ha ha! Happy Holidays to you and your family Christina and I love your blogs!!!!

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