The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload is live! This was a fun upload for me and some much needed shopping therapy after a crummy September. Has everyone else been super busy over September with Back-To-School and endless medical appointments being booked all at once? It seems all of the medical/dental and whatnot appointments that got postponed during covid all got rescheduled at the same time. So glad for school being back, but definitely feeling the overwhelm. My workouts took a hit and I only managed three workouts in during that month, which really didn’t help me. I’m now back to working out and feel so much better for it.

I ordered the new sherpa jacket in both colors (*keeping just one though) and I ordered the Iron Blue CRB. I did show restraint though because I also wanted the new Ready To Rulu Joggers in both colors.

I have some big try-on posts coming very soon for you guys this month so stay tuned! Thanks for bearing with me during a very light blogging month.

The Lululemon Upload

lululemon Oh So Sherpa Jacket Spiced Bronze
Lululemon Oh So Sherpa Jacket True Navy
The Lululemon Upload
Lululemon Cool Racerback Nulu Iron Blue
Lululemon Desert Teal Align Pant

Love this Lululemon Color Palette

There is a new section on the website for Mirror! This is not yet available in Canada but I would absolutely love to try it.

  1. Totally feeling your September craziness! What a hectic month!!
    I am struggling with the scale and positioning of the Lululemon logo on women’s clothing in the last few months … it’s either missing in the usual haunts that I love (back of the hood) or non-existent or Crazy large script plastered across the crew neck sweatshirt. Blech. I hate myself saying this but I must- if I am going to spend the $ premium on Lululemon I like a moderate sized logo (not the script just the logo) thoughts??

  2. Lulu from the East
    I dislike logos on anything and I will not buy Lululemon items that advertise the company with huge letters. A tiny little logo, especially if it’s reflective, is ok. I can’t fathom why anyone would like to be a walking, unpaid billboard for this company (or any company). Unfortunately, I own a lot of Scuba jackets with the enormous logo on the hood, but I like the style, the colours and the warmth, and since I don’t see the logo, it tends not to bother me as much.
    Anyway, I ordered two of the washed Love T shirts, because one cannot have enough t shirts. They are soft and thin, perfect for the summer, or light exercise. I also ordered, for the third time, the cute micro Festival bag in grey sage. Two of the bags were returned, because the flap was crooked! I also wrote a mild feedback, which was never published…oh, well. Maybe third time is the charm.

  3. I love F&F’s, and I love Cerulean and Larkspur, but I’m still salty about losing the reflective dots. Why?? That helped me justify the price hike and made them special. Now, they’re just meh and not worth $118/$128 for me. Nothing for me today. Looking forward to your fit reviews! 🙂

  4. I got a random email about a Lululemon membership program today. It sounds like it’s been around for awhile, but I’ve never heard of it until now and don’t see a way to find out about it on the website. Been a fan since original store in late 1990’s. Are you a member, and what do you think about it? Thanks for your always helpful info!

    1. I’m not a member only because they don’t have this program in BC (as far as I know). I know Edmonton has the membership available in Canada… maybe Toronto too. I definitely would do it because you get a pair of pants for the membership and the pricing for the membership isn’t much more expensive than the pants. You also get 20% off on your birthday and access to classes and events and probably some other perks. I definitely like the idea of being able to sample different types of workouts and having some exclusive online content too.

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