New at Lululemon, a beautiful neon Tie-Dye Energy Bra High Neck Long Line and the Align Wide Leg Crop in True Navy. The Tie-Dye caught my eye immediately. Can you imagine an Align Tank in that pretty neon? Or Align Crops?

I stopped in at the Robson St. flagship store yesterday and they had an unusual coronavirus setup. They had a reservation desk set up outside the door and a reservation only system for entering the store. They had a lineup, but you needed to make a reservation to get inside so the lineup was for reservations. I happened to be there just when someone no-showed their appointment time and there wasn’t a lineup of other reservations waiting. This store seemed to have a regular inventory unlike a few of the other stores I’ve seen so I can see it being a more popular shop.

Energy Bra High Neck Long Line

Lululemon Neon Tie-dye Energy Bra High Neck Long Line, Align Tank
Lululemon Neon Tie-dye Energy Bra High Neck Long Line

The tag details in case the store is doing send-sales.

Align Wide Leg Crop In True Navy

These are my TTS, but I did get a chance to try on the black pair in a size up and I think I prefer the size up. Both work fine, TTS is absolutely fine, but the size up gives a bit of a drape over the hips which makes the pants feel more like gaucho pants. Normally I stay tts in align pants, crops and joggers.

Lululemon Align Wide Leg Crop True Navy, Align Tank Lululemon
  1. I love the the new wide leg Aligns. Possibly one of the best pants Lulu has ever made. I felt like a goddess in them yesterday.

  2. After seeing your first posting on the wide leg Aligns i went to the store and picked them up. Love the high waist… thanks again for posting these.

  3. I love the wide leg aligns! I grabbed the black but I will need the true navy. The tie die is really nice too!

  4. I got there at the exact right time with no lineup. My husband and kids waited outside though and said as I went in the lineup formed and seemed to be a long wait. I was in and out really quick.

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