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The Lululemon Upload is live!! Not a huge upload today but there are two colors I am really loving. Magenta Glow and Algae Green. I love both colors together. I did a search online to see what item options are for Algae Green and sadly there isn’t much. I’m debating the Essential Tank or the Invigorate High Rise Crop. Also loving the Magenta Glow Pace Rivals. The US got the Outrun The Heat SS in camo but Canada did not get it yet.

Last week I ordered the Sincerely Your Sweater Wrap which I did a review of here, and I loved it so much. I wanted to update you that I did order it in Tidal Green and I love it. I love both colors but Tidal is the one I’m keeping for sure.

Did you like anything from today’s upload? Try anything on from last week? Let us know.

The Lululemon Upload

Run Briskly 1/2 Zip

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Outrun the Heat Short Sleeve

I’m curious to try this one on. It looks slightly short but we shall see.

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Pace Rival High-Rise Crop 

These are PRETTY!

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Essential Tank Pleated

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Sincerely Yours Sweater

Invigorate High-Rise Tight

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  • Ooh, magenta glow looks so pretty!! I hope it’s as vibrant and bright IRL. I may order the pace rivals. I’ve been waiting for a bright pink crop. It seems like all the pinks they have put out in the past few years are too muted (for me.) I want something bright and happy! I like the new green, but not the offerings. Maybe next week on that one.

  • I wish I really liked something… I still have a gift card from Christmas to use up. There were a few items in the a pretty color called Wild Bluebell. I hope we’ll be seeing it in more items. ?

  • I love Algae Green, too! It gives me Dark Forest vibes. Hopefully it will release in some different pieces in the coming weeks.

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