The Lululemon Upload is live! Not a super exciting upload today but some new color debuts.

Grape Leaf yellow isn’t really a universally appreciated color, but with colors like that they are best paired with jewel tones. I think Grape Leaf would look amazing as an accent to a jewel toned purple, or with garnet, or as a tiny accent on black and white. It’s too bad Lululemon doesn’t do color stories anymore because when they did, this color would have been integrated in such a way that people got really excited about it. I’m not liking any piece in this color but I think I would totally love a sherpa fleece pullover in Grape Leaf.

Break A Trail Jacket

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Fast and Free Suede

Fast and Free High-Rise Tight 28" 
Non-Reflective Suede

Sweat Success Run Jacket

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Runderful Long Sleeve

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Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 
Snow Washed

Power Position Pullover

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Always Alert 1/2 Zip

Always Alert 1/2 Zip

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Define Jacket Luxtreme

Flurry Up Super High-Rise Tight

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  1. I agree that a number of tops seem to be getting shorter. I tried some long sleeved tops on in store and the Runderful long sleeve was the only one that was long enough for me in the torso.
    I’m disappointed to see yet another shade of yellow (Grape Leaf). Lululemon’s designers seem to thing it will be a hit because there’s a whole lot of it.
    Nothing for me.

  2. I like the animal print define. It’s cute! I don’t wear my defines very often though, so I’ll have to think about it. I’m not liking grape leaf either. It’s a funny shade of yellow-green.

    I agree some of the staple tops are getting shorter. That seems to be the fashion trend right now. I’m on the tall side, so shorter tops don’t do me any favors.

  3. Grape Leaf looks like Golden Lime’s more reserved cousin. I don’t hate it, but it won’t flatter my skin tone.

    The 23” Align crops look interesting. I’m 5’2”, so 23” inseams hit 7/8 on me—plus they are priced like other crops at $88. There are so many options in multiple styles now: non-reflective/reflective, 19”/21”/23”/25”/28”/31” inseams, high rise/mid-rise/low-rise, etc.

  4. I like Grape Leaf as an idea… unfortunately I’m not in the U.S. so have no way of seeing whether or not the colour would work with my skin tone.

    Christina, did you end up buying that skirt? Would love to hear what you think about it!

    Also, I’m finding the letter sizing a bit perplexing. I’m usually a 4 in LLL and assumed an S would be the same fit (I wear an S in other brands) but turns out the LLL version of S is too big and I need XS, and in some cases, XXS – which is really very odd, at nearly 5’8 I don’t consider myself an extra-small person by any stretch of the imagination… Are they trying to get into vanity sizing, or is there some other reason for them switching?

  5. I so totally agree with the letter sizing … sooo annoying as difficult to pick right size now. I really wish they would go back to the # sizing for their clothing

  6. I like the sweat success run jacket but I would need to see it in store. Some of these price points are really getting high. I don’t think I’m the only one feeling that way as I’m seeing quite a few pieces going on markdown quickly.

  7. I like the grape leaf color! Something about when they put a color/print into 1000 different styles makes me want it less though. I’ll get something when it gets to WMTM.

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